10 Best Inground Pool Pumps

Discover the best inground pool pumps for a crystal clear swimming experience. Our comparison will help you choose the perfect pump for your pool!
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Top-rated Inground Pool Pumps Comparison

Overview of Inground Pool Pumps

We all know the joy of diving into a crystal clear inground pool on a hot summer day. Yet, maintaining that pristine aquatic oasis isn't all sunshine and rainbows. Enter the unsung hero of your backyard paradise - the humble inground pool pump. This essential device works tirelessly behind the scenes, circulating water to keep it clean and inviting. We’ve plunged into the deep end of the market to bring you the top contenders in this category. No stone was left unturned in our quest, as we pored over technical specifications, compared performance, and evaluated user-friendliness. While it's a tough race, we've narrowed down the field to some standout choices, each offering a unique blend of efficiency, durability, and value. So, whether you're a pool party enthusiast or a serene solo swimmer, there's an inground pool pump suited to your needs waiting just below.


Q: What is the best horsepower for Inground Pool Pumps?

A: The best horsepower for Inground Pool Pumps depends on the size of your pool. A general rule of thumb is 1 horsepower per 10,000 gallons of water.

Q: How often should I replace my Inground Pool Pump?

A: Inground Pool Pumps typically last between 8-10 years. It's important to keep an eye on the performance of your pump and replace it if it's not working efficiently.

Q: Can I run my Inground Pool Pump at night?

A: Yes, you can run your Inground Pool Pump at night. It's actually recommended to run the pump for at least 8 hours a day, and running it at night can help save on electricity costs.

Q: How do I know if my Inground Pool Pump is working properly?

A: If your Inground Pool Pump is working properly, you should see clear water and have a consistent flow rate. If you notice cloudy water or a decrease in flow rate, it may be time to replace or repair your pump.

Q: What size Inground Pool Pump do I need for my pool?

A: The size of your Inground Pool Pump depends on the size of your pool and the amount of water it holds. It's important to consult with a professional to determine the appropriate size for your specific pool.