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Overview of Golf Rangefinders

We all know the frustration of trying to estimate distances on the golf course only to end up overshooting or undershooting our target. That’s where golf rangefinders come into play, taking the guesswork out of the game and allowing you to focus on your swing instead. We've taken a thorough swing at the world of golf rangefinders, evaluating them on accuracy, ease of use, battery life, and durability, among other factors. We've used a methodical approach to ensure that every stone was unturned in our pursuit of the best options out there. So whether you’re a weekend warrior looking to shave strokes off your round, or a seasoned golfer seeking precision, we’ve got the top picks that will suit your needs. Trust us, you'll want to take a look below. After all, there's nothing like a well-informed purchase to make you feel like a pro on the course.


Q: What is the difference between a GPS golf rangefinder and a laser golf rangefinder?

A: A GPS golf rangefinder provides distance measurements using satellite technology, while a laser golf rangefinder uses a laser beam to measure distances. GPS rangefinders are more convenient and give you more information, while laser rangefinders are more accurate and can be used in any weather condition.

Q: Can golf rangefinders be used in tournaments?

A: It depends on the tournament rules. Some tournaments allow the use of rangefinders, while others prohibit them. Make sure to check the specific rules of the tournament before using a golf rangefinder.

Q: How do I know which golf rangefinder to buy?

A: Consider factors such as accuracy, ease of use, and price when choosing a golf rangefinder. Look for reviews and ratings from other golfers to determine which rangefinder is best for you.

Q: Are golf rangefinders legal to use during casual rounds of golf?

A: Yes, golf rangefinders are legal to use during casual rounds of golf. They can help improve your game by providing accurate distance measurements to various targets on the course.

Q: Can golf rangefinders help improve my game?

A: Yes, golf rangefinders can help improve your game by providing accurate distance measurements and helping you select the right club for each shot. They can also help you develop a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses on the course.