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Top-rated Bug Spray Comparison

Overview of Bug Spray

As summer approaches, we know you're gearing up for those family picnics, camping trips, and lazy afternoons by the pool. But here's the buzz: those idyllic moments often come with uninvited guests - bugs. Enter, the humble bug spray, your trusty sidekick in the fight against these pesky invaders. At Wirecutter, we've been on a mission to help you reclaim your summer bliss, sans the itch. We've delved deep into countless consumer reviews, analyzed ingredient lists, and even consulted with entomologists to understand the science behind these potions. We've taken all factors into account - safety, effectiveness, smell, and feel on the skin. And now, we're ready to present to you our top picks in the world of bug sprays. Ones that cater to different preferences, whether you're a weekend camper, a parent of a toddler, or someone with sensitive skin. So, let's dive in and arm you with the knowledge to make an informed choice in bug defense.


Q: What is bug spray?

A: Bug spray is a product that is designed to repel or kill insects. It is commonly used to prevent mosquito bites and other insect bites.

Q: How does bug spray work?

A: Bug spray works by using ingredients that repel or kill insects. Common ingredients include DEET and picaridin.

Q: Is bug spray safe to use?

A: Yes, bug spray is safe to use when used as directed. It is important to read and follow the instructions on the label and use only as much as needed.

Q: How often should bug spray be applied?

A: The frequency of application depends on the product and the level of insect activity. In general, bug spray should be reapplied every 4-8 hours.

Q: Can bug spray be used on children?

A: Bug spray can be used on children, but it is important to follow the instructions on the label and use only as much as needed. Some products are specifically formulated for use on children.